Three Monks

Producer: Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Year of publication: 1980
Lenght: 20 Min

Director: Xu Jingda (A Da)
Screenwriter: Bao Lei
Cinematography: You Yong
Animation: Han Yu, Ma Kexuan, Fan Madi
Music 2007: Mark Chaet

Xu Jingda (A Da)

Of Jiangsu Wujin origin, born in Shanghai. After graduating from the class of animation in Beijing Film Academy in 1953, he joins Shanghai Animation Film Studio, taking up art direction, script writing and directing positions. He directed animation films including The Adventure of San Mao, Butterfly Spring and Thirty-six Words. Three Monks is his representative work.

Jury Prize Silver Bear (Short Film), Berlin International Film Festival, Specials Awards, Manila International Film Festival 1982

Adapted from the Chinese proverb "Three monks go thirsty", the film is amusing with vivid images. A young monk in an age-old temple goes down the hill alone to tote drinking water every day, leading a regular way of life. A skinny monk enters the temple to whom the young monk shed the responsibility of toting water. He refuses and the two agree to carry water together. A chubby monk joins the temple afterwards and the three of them would rather suffer from thirst than be the one to carry water. One day, a mouse knocks down a burning candle that set the temple on fire. In a flurry, the three monks bring in water together to put out the fire and save the temple from destruction. After this, they co-operate with one another and are no longer in lack of water.


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