Here is Macau

Producer: Instituto Cultural da R.A.E de Macau
Year of publication: 2009
Lenght: 2 Min each
Music 2009: Mark Chaet

Woman   by Leung Yi On, Tou Kin Kong and Vong Jimi

Night   by Ao Leong Weng Fong

Foot   by Yves Étienne Sonolet

Cats   by Chu Lao Lan

Dancer   by Chan Ka Keong

Invited for the multi-directorial project were six filmmakers: Leung Yi-On and Tou Kin Hong, Ao Leong Weng Fong, Yves Étienne Sonolet, Chu Lao Lan and Chan Ka Keong. The first two as a team, and each of the four others, created one of five two-minute segments. Without having discussed their story ideas with each other, they all coincidentally chose to depict Macao from “visual” angles: the city in day time, at night, full of patterns, through the eyes of stray cats and from the point of view of two people.

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