Trio Bravo+

Trio Bravo has been inspiring its audience for more than 15 years. The band travels around the world performing concerts, scorings of silent movies and stage shows.

Trio Bravo+ confidently ignores the pigeon holes and labels so common in the music business and leaves it up to the music itself to be its own trademark.

Trio Bravo+ remains of classical origin: violin, piano, double bass, marimba and percussion. What appears to be quiet chamber music is actually a cross over project pushing the limits and performed by four exceptional artists from four countries. Mark Chaet, the head and composer of Trio Bravo+ broke up the categorization of musical styles. His compositions range from soundtrack to classical composition, from tradition to modernism using a structure borrowed from pop music with occasional influences of folk elements. Music, rich in a colourful imagery and eccentric sound paintings. And this is not at all quiet!

„They perform as completely persuasive cosmopolitans in terms of music, a demanding, 
ambitious dissolution and cancellation of borders and styles...“                                      Neue Westfälische, 10.11.2005

Mark Chaet – Violine

Giorgio Radoja – Piano

Bartek Mlejnek – Kontrabass

Maria Schneider – Marimba, Schlagwerk 

German Version

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If you are looking for timeless, acoustic music away from stylistic boundaries and competitions, you will find gentle music next to something wild, something pleasing next to something to ponder and traditional values next to something new.


Stefan Woldach, WOM Magazin 04.2008